Slack Privacy Mode

If you ever work in a public space or around snooping people you may want some extra privacy on Slack. Here is a pretty simple solution to enable a blurred overlay when you mouse out of the application.

To add this functionality…

  • Enable Slack Developer Tools – You will only need to do this once
    • Open a Command Prompt and run
    • I am told on a Mac it would be
  • Restart Slack
  • Open Developer Tools
    • From the application menu select View > Developer > Toggle Webapp DevTools
    • Shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+I
  • Paste the following script into the Console tab – You will need to do this each time Slack restarts (unless I find a better way to implement this)

That’s it! Now when you mouse in and out of the window it should show and hide an overlay. If you don’t like it just restart the app.