Hello world!

Here we are back at the beginning again.

When I first started this blog, I thought my goal was to make a name for myself and in a way I succeeded but really what I found I liked the best was helping people.

Through the years I have tried different themes for this blog, but I never felt I had enough content. It was always a chore to think of new things, build them, and then try to say something interesting about what I had done. There were some decent articles, but it was such a long process it was very easy to lose momentum.

I still want to create and share bizarre tech and programming projects but what I am realizing now is that my opinions -loathe as my friends are to hear them over and over- might actually be of use to some people.

So, I am wiping the slate clean, and looking for new adventures without limiting myself and I hope -by expanding my scope- that I can keep some sort of steady progress and help whoever I can along the way.


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